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Welcome to Spice Mill


Come to Spice Mill Restaurant for an unforgettable Caribbean culinary experience! Our menu is bursting with bold flavors and traditional dishes with a modern twist that will tantalize your taste buds. 

What Our Diners Say About Us

Spice Mill is amazing!

Owner Roger and his team at Spice Mill Restaurant have set a high standard for dining on St. Kitts. The restaurant has a wonderful beach side location in Cockleshell Bay and the decor and lighting at night makes for a magical dining experience. The menu is inventive and the servings plentiful and tasty! It's a peaceful location and highly recommended for dinner.

Date of Visit, March 2023​

Review pulled from Tripadvisor

Excellent Meal with a
Beautiful View.

We went early for sunset, but unfortunately some clouds blocked the sun right around sunset. The drinks at the bar were so good & we loved the Hibiscus coconut rum! When we sat, the hostess put us at the best table with a perfect view of the water! (Thank you!) The service was excellent, the food was elegant & flavorful. We had a great meal and will be back when we visit the island again in the future.

Jill D.
Date of Visit, March 2023​
Review pulled from Tripadvisor

A day in paradise ... spectacular food with a glorious view.

We got off our cruise ship and planned to grab a taxi to head over to Spice Mill. Instead, we found ourselves with an amazing driver who became our personal tour guide - Kelvin Bryan with Cutting Edge Tours! We arrived at Spice Mill after a gorgeous island drive and had the most delicious Shrimp & Lobster Fettucini plus Jerk Chicken and some conch fritters. Every bite was delicious, and so were the Rum Punches that we enjoyed. We never thought that St. Kitts would be our favorite island but now it is. Don't miss Spice Mill!

Jay K.

Date of Visit, February 2023​

Review pulled from Tripadvisor

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