Spice Concept

Welcome to a totally authentic and unique Caribbean dining, wining, liming and indigenous architectural experience. Here you can realize your culinary fantasy and feed body and soul. Drift on the refreshing ozone breeze to the open-sided coconut wood-topped beach bar; slide onto a stool beneath the shingle roof, with its swinging crayfish basket traps; and let your eyes soak in the seascape of the bay and rest on cloud-tipped Mt. Nevis.


Spice Mill stands out as a masterpiece of indigenous design and materials, paying tribute to the region’s original Amerindian inhabitants with its new take on tradition. If you look closely at the restaurant’s interior bar you’ll realize it’s a Kalinago dug out canoe, custom built by the Caribs of Dominica.

Lunch – Open 7 days a week (Closed on Thursdays from September 15 – October 27 2016)

Dinner – Open every night from 5:30pm to 9pm, except Thursdays from September 15 – October 27 2016. Early reservations only on Sunday nights between 6pm and 7.30pm.

For Reservations contact us at: Tel: 869-765-6706 or email at [email protected]